Product Change Notification Alpha Wire Reel Change

October 27, 2021


The Alpha Wire portfolio requires regular review to ensure our products continue to offer the most updated features and benefits, in addition to the highest quality.  This letter serves as your formal notification that Alpha Wire will be transitioning all products on medium-sized wooden reels (nominal flange diameter of 12 to 18 inches) to plastic reels.

The transition to plastic reels will begin in late October and there will be a rolling change as existing inventory on wooden reels is exhausted. Finished goods inventory before this running change will not be repackaged.  This change is primarily due to the supply chain challenges for wooded reels. Additionally, the plastic reels offer equivalent durability at a lower weight. Since arbor (center) hole of the new plastic reels is of the same diameter class as the existing wooden reels, consumption and re-spool should function with existing equipment.

A detailed list of all affected part numbers can be found at the end of this notice.

If you have any questions or require assistance selecting alternative products, please contact your Alpha Wire sales representative or channel partner.





Omar Qayyum

Product Line Manager

Alpha Wire

Access the list of affected part numbers and formal PCN notice.