Discontinuation of 5475L

The Alpha Wire portfolio requires regular maintenance to ensure our products continue to offer the most updated features and benefits, in addition to the highest quality. As you are aware, there are many reasons which cause a product to require a change or to reach an end-of-life status. These reasons include when products mature and are replaced by new technology, changing industry standards, lack of demand from the market, significant changes in the product itself, or the technology has come to a point where it is no longer cost effective.

We make every effort to provide an appropriate part number cross wherever possible, but in some cases products must be eliminated without a cross to a new part number. In these types of situations, it is our goal to either continue providing this product to you as a special order or to provide ample notice to existing customers in order to avoid any disruptions in the supply chain.

You are receiving this letter because part number 5475L is now discontinued. This change will go into effect as of February 1, 2014. Part number 5476L should be considered as a potential cross.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Alpha Wire representative or channel partner.

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