Find products especially suited to specific markets faster and easier. Our market-specific approach highlights products that give the best match of performance, reliability, and fit for your market.

Not sure if we fit your market?  Check out the markets below for applications our products excel in!

Consumer Electronics

Alpha Wire's innovative, space-saving cable and connectivity products offer exactly what you need for your consumer electronics applications.

Medical Devices

Selecting the right cable and wire solutions when designing the latest medical devices is paramount to ensuring that your products continue to earn a reputation for quality, reliability, and performance.


Alpha Wire designs cables that address the distinctive challenges and high-stress environments associated with robot applications. 

Semiconductor/Capital Equipment

From wafer handling to packaging, Alpha Wire can help you make semiconductor equipment faster, more reliable, and easier to maintain.

Automated Systems

Alpha Wire designs cables that address the unique demands of machine tools and static control in automated system applications. 

Industrial Packaging

As packaging machines become more intelligent, flexible, and capable, the demands placed on the wire and cable that power and control operations become more precise.

Aerospace & Defense

Alpha Wire’s market-specific product solution set targets military applications with military-grade cable and wire, made of premium compounds under the tightest manufacturing standards, to provide maximum reliability in the most unforgiving surroundings.


Alpha Wire presents a product portfolio to help engineers and installers create reliable, durable solar systems.

Pulp and Paper

Alpha Wire's products for the pulp and paper industry are designed to stand up to harsh conditions while maintaining electrical and mechanical performance.

Wind Power

Alpha Wire offers cables with an unmatched combination of performance, reliability, and quality to keep turbines delivering energy day in and day out.