Part Number Color Codes

Color CodesThe part numbers of Alpha Wire consist of three parts:

  • Item Number
  • Color
  • Put-up

All three of these parts must be present to fully articulate an Alpha product. Examples of full part numbers are:

3080 Black 1000 Ft.
3080-2 1000 Ft.
3080 BK001

As may be seen in these examples, the color may be represented by the full color name, the Alpha abbreviation for the color name (see Color code charts below) or the color number from the Catalog (usually used only on Hook-Up Wire).

Likewise, the put-up designation may take multiple forms. It may be simply written out or it may be the Alpha 3 digit code as in the third example (Table 1).

Please note that not all color and put-up combinations may be valid on any given part number.

Put Up Codes

1 This is a condensed listing of Put-Up Codes.

Color code charts:
Multiconductor Cable
Multipair Cable
Hook-Up Wire 

Reference Guides:
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