Product Change Notification: Xtra-Guard Flex 87000

June 1, 2023

Dear Valued Customer,

The Alpha Wire portfolio requires regular review to ensure our products continue to offer the most updated features and benefits, in addition to the highest quality. This letter serves as your formal notification that Alpha Wire is changing Jacket material for the Xtra-Guard Flex 87000 . Material is changing from PU87 to Extigen. With this update, there is no change to electricals or performance because of this update.


 Cable  Changes
 Temperature  No Change
 Rating Change  CSA to C(RU) and FT1 to FT2


Reference PDF at bottom of this page to access detailed list of all effected part numbers.


If you have any questions or require assistance selecting alternative products, please contact your Alpha Wire sales representative or channel partner.


Daniel Charles
Product Line Manager
Belden & Alpha Wire


Click here to download the full product change notification (PDF).