600V Xtra Guard 4 RoHS Compliant

In an effort to make all Alpha Wire products RoHS compliant; some minor changes have been made to the standard 600/1000V Xtra-Guard 4 products. Xtra-Guard 4 is now ROHS compliant. The UL AWM STYLE associated with the 600/1000V products in this line is CHANGING from UL AWM 20238 to UL AWM 20328.

Please be aware, this change ONLY affects the 600/1000V portion of the line. The full list of SKUs involved is in Appendix A. The 300V portion of the line was made ROHS compliant in September 2014 and no changes are being made to those products at this time.

In addition, we are also doing a small rationalization of the 600/1000V Xtra-Guard 4 product offering, Appendix B lists the SKUs that are now discontinued.

Access full PCN here   Access full SKU appendix here