Discontinuation of Dearborn HUW products

In January 2008 the products of Dearborn/CDT were assimilated into the Alpha Wire portfolio. Especially in the product area of Hook-up wire, there was much duplication of product. Over time we have had several waves of product rationalization where duplicate Dearborn items were discontinued and superseded by the equivalent incumbent Alpha Wire product. In some cases there were Dearborn products with no/low demand that where discontinued all together.

The purpose of this communication is to provide a record of these changes and allow our customers to update their systems and databases. Dearborn no longer exists as a company, so all Vendor references should be shown as Alpha Wire. A spreadsheet is embedded on page to that provides the part number by part number actions taken. Please note there are two tabs on this spreadsheet, the first providing the part number breakdown while the second gives information on the color code. Alpha used two different and incompatible color code number schemes in the catalogs and literature. To avoid confusion, the crosses to Alpha part numbers have been given using our 2 character color code.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Alpha Wire representative or channel partner.

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