Xtra-Guard Flex 65603

Xtra-Guard Flex 65603

Xtra Guard Flex Standard Flex Control Cable 600V Unshielded
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Xtra-Guard® Flex - Wide variety of flexing applications

  • Long-lasting flex cables designed to provide excellent performance in high-flex, high torsion, and continuous-flex applications, such as motion control and robotics
  • Rated for up to 14 million flex life cycles (85000 series), up to 6 Million flex life cycles (86000 series)
  • Available in a variety of configurations allowing exactly the right cable to be selected for the application
  • Rounded geometry helps insure a liquid-tight installation per IP67 or NEMA 6
  • Supra-Shield provides precise EMI interference resistance for your specific application is easily achievable with the available standard flex, torsional flex, and continuous flex applications
  • Meets NFPA Standard 79 for industrial machinery*

*Product must be used in accordance with the respective AWM style. Click here for more details.

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