Aerospace and Defense

When it comes to harsh conditions, no other environment gives cables and connectors a bigger run for their money than mission-critical aerospace and defense applications.


Whether they’re deployed in the battlefield, command and control facilities, or vehicles, cables and connectors can be a differentiator and provide a competitive advantage when it comes to being aware, protecting the homeland and reacting to threats. Cables used in these applications aren’t just responsible for signal transmission—they can impact crucial outcomes of things like attempted missile fires or operating flight-critical circuits on aircrafts.


Because “ruggedized” means different things depending on the environment, Alpha Wire has a full range of cable and connectivity solutions to suit a wide range of aerospace and defense applications—from tactical communication and target acquisition/tracking to military vehicles and non-destructive testing.


In order to handle this level of control and responsibility, cables and connectivity for aerospace and defense applications come with a long list of performance requirements—and Alpha Wire makes it all possible.


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  • Target Acquisition and Tracking
  • Tactical Communication Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Testing & Validation
Accurate detecting, tracking, and identifying of a target—the location of a person, place, or thing—depends on the cable and connectivity that support and connect systems like advanced radar units, aerial monitoring, mobile tracking, and high-level detection equipment. As these systems are repeatedly set up, taken down and relocated, cables need to be able to keep up at all times. The data they transmit is the key to victory.


Because uptime and availability are essential, Alpha Wire manufactures highly reliable cabling designed to withstand frequent handling and abuse without taking up too much valuable space or being too heavy to maneuver—all while maintaining excellent signal integrity to get you the data you need to make decisions.
Crucial information—including orders and military intelligence—is conveyed among commands, people, and places through armored personnel carriers and portable communication equipment supported by robust cables and connectivity behind the scenes.


If a component can’t stand up to the rugged environment it’s exposed to—whether it’s sand and high winds, lightning, ice or fog—vital knowledge and insight won’t be communicated effectively.


Reliability and durability are top of mind for every cable Alpha Wire designs for the aerospace and defense industry, whether it’s an off-the-shelf or custom product. Rely on 24/7 mission-critical data transmission with solutions that maintain performance in extreme environments that would negatively impact other cables. Our cables can withstand wear and abrasion, oils and solvents, and other intense mechanical, environmental and thermal hazards.
Whether it’s a ground combat vehicle, unmanned vehicle or drone, these military vehicles are constantly required to do more—while demanding that cables and connectivity provide flawless communication.


As technology continues to advance, vehicles will become more sophisticated—and demand that cables and connectivity become smaller and more lightweight.


Alpha Wire designs products specifically for these types of applications. They feature the right mix of durability and flexibility to withstand rugged terrain and being run over—while being able to operate a weapons system that rotates 360 degrees. The cables can resist vibration, oil, chemicals, solvents and abrasion. Their small form factor allows for more electronics in less space; the space and weight savings our solutions provide translate to major reductions in operating costs.
Non-destructive testing equipment keeps military equipment, technology and systems ready for action—and allows potential flaws to be found before certain equipment or systems are put out into the field.


Not only can Alpha Wire address the specific hazards within your environment through off-the-shelf and custom products and packaging, but we also offer small put-ups to give you exactly what you need—no excess cable you can’t or won’t use.


Our cable and connectivity are durable enough to be set up and taken down for different testing cells—and they’re reliable enough to make sure testing and validation can be done with confidence, despite environmental conditions, so you can capture accurate data about the performance of military equipment, technology and systems.

Supported Applications:

  • Tactical communications equipment
  • Command and control systems
  • Intelligence information systems
  • Advanced radar units
  • Target acquisition and tracking systems
  • Automated weapons control
  • IED and mine detection
  • High-level detection equipment
  • Ground combat vehicles
  • Ground support vehicles
  • Unmanned vehicles

Alpha Products Designed for Military Applications:

  • Xtra-Guard® 1 Performance Cable has a specially formulated PVC jacket that prevents heat build-up for unstoppable reliability in a communication and control cable.
  • Xtra-Guard® 2 Performance Cable has a unique polyurethane jacket for superior oil and abrasion resistance in mechanical applications. Performance Cable has a unique polyurethane jacket for superior oil and abrasion resistance in mechanical applications.
  • Xtra-Guard® 4 Performance Cable is a multi-functional product featuring a TPE jacket for advanced chemical performance and a wide temperature range, making it perfect for rugged, high-speed applications.
  • Xtra-Guard® 5 Performance Cable offers a FEP insulation and jacket for outstanding temperature durability and resists all oils, solvents, and fuels. Xtra-Guard 5 is designed to withstand the most hazardous of environments.
  • Hook-Up Wire for any military equipment need, with a choice of solid or stranded conductors, a wide array of insulation options, and a host of MIL-spec configurations.
  • FIT® Heat-Shrink Tubing offers a unique way of adding durability and reliability to any application or environment without sacrificing flexibility.
  • FIT® Wire Management covers a broad spectrum of application solutions from wire protection to organization. The variety of materials allows for added defense against abrasion, chemicals, temperature, grounding, and EMI.