Alpha Wire Introduces 3-Conductor VFD Cables

Enhanced Design Brings Maximum Performance in Variable-Frequency Drives

Elizabeth, NJ, August 20, 2009 – Alpha Wire now offers its industry-leading V Series cables in a three-conductor version. V Series cables are designed specifically for the needs of variable-frequency drives. The cables use a combination of materials and symmetrical geometry to minimize problems from voltage irregularities such as harmonics, corona discharges, and power distortion.

“VFD systems can stress cables enough to cause intermittent errors and premature failure of cable or motor,” said Konstantin Khitrik, Product Manager at Alpha Wire. “Our four-conductor cables set the performance standard in creating reliable, durable VFD systems. The new three-conductor versions give similar performance benefits to designers in a smaller, less expensive configuration.”

The cable’s specially formulated cross-linked polyethylene insulation provides superior corona resistance, low capacitance for longer runs, and excellent low temperature properties. The three-conductor cables feature a symmetrical design with the bare copper ground wires placed in the interstices of the conductors for uniform conductor-to-ground capacitance and impedance. This uniformity reduces the probability of motor damage from common-mode current. The round, symmetrical design also reduces the diameter of the cable and increases its flexibility for easier routing and handling.

Available in wire sizes from 16 AWG to 4/0 AWG, the oil- and sunlight-resistant shielded cables have a PVC jacket and a temperature range from -40°C  to +90°C.  The cables use an overall shield to provide maximum EMI protection over a wide frequency range. For 16 AWG to 4 AWG, the shielding is a combination of aluminum/polyester/aluminum foil and copper braid with 85% coverage. For larger gauge sizes, the shielding is double-layer copper table.

Compatible with systems from all major VFD manufacturers, the new three-conductor V Series cables are approved to a wide range of standards that includes UL Types TC-ER, 1000-V Motor Supply Cable, and XHHW-2. The cables allow direct burial without conduit.

For additional information, contact Alpha Wire at 800-52-ALPHA (522-5742) or see the entire VFD product offering here.

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