Alpha Wire Introduces Portfolio for Medical Devices Market

Elizabeth, NJ, September 2, 2009 – Alpha Wire introduces a cable, wire, and tubing solution set optimized for the medical device market. This portfolio of products has been created to meet the needs of medical manufacturers of diagnostic equipment such as MRI and CAT scanners, laboratory equipment, adjustable beds, and other noninvasive testing and treatment equipment.

“Hospitals and other medical facilities present challenging electrical environments where mistakes caused by electrical noise or worn cables can adversely affect patient outcomes,” said Mike Dugar, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at Alpha Wire. “For noninvasive cabling needs, our medical devices solution set provides medical device designers with maximum reliability and flexibility to decrease time-to-market and ensure long-lasting performance.”

Alpha Wire cable, wire, and tubing solutions are optimized for many medical device applications, including:

  • CT scanners
  • MRI machines
  • Dialysis and blood centrifuge machines
  • Adjustable hospital beds
  • EEG and EKG devices
  • Medical robots

Alpha Wire’s portfolio for medical devices includes products from these proven cable families:

  • Xtra-Guard® 1 cables are a high-performance workhorse cable featuring tough PVC insulation and jackets, stranded conductors for flexibility and a choice of shielding options. It’s ideal for imaging and diagnostic devices, dialysis and blood centrifuge machines, and EEG/EKG. devices. For maximum signal integrity, our exclusive Supra-Shield® foil/braid combination provides exceptional EMI protection.
  • Xtra-Guard Flex cable withstands continuous flexing, including multiaxis torsional movements, making it an excellent choice for adjustable hospital beds, scanners, and medical robots.
  • Hook-up wire is available in a variety of insulations to meet requirements for temperature and electrical performance, as well as provide the ability to withstand wear and abrasion. The wires offer excellent uniformity and low-fray design for easy handling, stripping, and termination.
  • FIT® heat-shrink tubing makes it easy to protect, organize, strain-relieve, and repair cables—with a range of shrink ratios and materials.

For additional information, contact Alpha Wire at 800-52-ALPHA (522-5742) or click here to learn more about our medical product offering.

About Alpha Wire

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