Xtra-Guard-1 5420/7

Xtra-Guard-1 5420/7

This picture is representative only and may not match the specific configuration of the product listed on this page. Please refer to the product specifications for more information on this part number and its exact configuration.

Xtra-Guard ® 1 – 坚韧的高性能聚氯乙烯电缆

  • 高性能电缆,适用于一般用途
  • 独特的优质聚氯乙烯绝缘层和护套,便于在狭窄空间布线
  • 耐油,符合 UL 耐油级别 I (60C OIL RES) 和第 43 类
  • 可抵抗高达 105 摄氏度的环境温度

  • -35°C to +105°C (SR-PVC), -30°C to +105°C (PVC)

  • 与 Alpha高性能屏蔽系统 Supra-Shield® 结合使用时,具有优异的抗电磁干扰/射频干扰性能


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