Alpha Wire Illuminates the Endeavour Exhibit with Xtra-Guard 1 Cable

Alpha Wire donates cable to the California Science Center Endeavour Exhibit

Elizabeth, NJ, October 22, 2014 – In preparation for the Endeavour Space Shuttle vertical launch display at the California Science Center, Alpha Wire has donated 300V Xtra-Guard 1 high performance cable to the Endeavour exhibit. The cable is being used to illuminate the payload bay doors which are equipped with customized environmentally friendly LED lights.

“I am so honored to have been able to donate cable to such a great project to preserve an amazing part of American history. Without the generosity of companies like Alpha Wire these types of preservation projects would never be possible. Saving such a significant milestones of our history, for generations to come is priceless,” explains Marc Tousignant, Alpha Wire CA District Manager. There is over 2 miles worth of Xtra-Guard 1 placed throughout the space shuttle.

Dennis Jenkins, Project Manager for the Endeavour stated, “Alpha Wire’s gracious donation of the cable for space shuttle Endeavour has allowed the payload bay to have first-class product in the only space shuttle that has a payload installed on display. This will provide a unique viewing experience for our guests and we are grateful that Alpha Wire is able to help us preserve this artifact.” Xtra-Guard 1 is known for its premium PVC insulation and jacketing which allows the cable to last years and years while the Endeavour is on exhibit, which is estimated at 100+ years.

For additional information, contact Alpha Wire at 800-52-ALPHA (522-5742) in North America, +44 (0) 1 932 772 422 in Europe, and 21-61498201 in Asia. Also, please visit our website to download data sheets, access search filters, and request free samples of Xtra-Guard 1.

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