Alpha Wire Expands its Industrial Ethernet Collection

Alpha Essentials Ethernet cables now available in multiple categories and flexibility options


Elizabeth, NJ, July 26, 2017 – Alpha Wire proudly announces the expansion of its Alpha Essentials collection by offering 10 new Industrial Ethernet products. The wide range of categories include PROFINET, CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, and CAT 7 to better serve your component integration and bandwidth needs (bandwidth capacity extends up to 10 Gbps (Gbit/s)). All new constructions are fully compatible with RJ45 connectors of either T-568A or T-568B pin assignments.

Alpha Wire’s Alpha Essentials Ethernet cables are the perfect solution for discrete and process manufacturing, such as applications within the robotics, medical, and automation industries. The expanded offerings now include a CAT 7 construction (part number 74004) that will enable you to future-proof your industrial network. Part number 74010 is a CAT 6 PVC-jacketed Ethernet cable in a flat construction, ideal when space is at a premium.

There are seven (7) new CAT 5e cables in the Alpha Essentials Ethernet offering, including two built to PROFINET industry standards (part numbers 74001 and 74005). PROFINET has proven to be one of the most reliable standards for industrial networking in automation, connecting devices and systems while promoting higher quality manufacturing. In addition to the PROFINET cables, there is a CAT 5e LSZH construction (part number 74007, ZH-PUR jacket) suitable for the medical and transportation industries.

All cables in the expanded Alpha Essentials Ethernet line feature jacketing material of ZH-PUR, PVC, and TPE. These specific jackets are ideal for meeting the harshest environmental conditions. The temperature ranges for this collection fall between -40°C to +90°C. Cables are available in conductor sizes from 26-22 AWG, with varying flexibility (continuous, torsional, and moderate flex), and approvals (VW-1, EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801, & more). Whether you need an Ethernet cable to meet harsh environments or flexibility for a moving application, there is a construction available to support your system.

Standard constructions are not subject to minimum order quantity requirements and are available in 500 ft put up lengths (7602F offered in 500 ft and 1000 ft lengths).

To learn more about Alpha Wire’s full line of Ethernet products, including the Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet family and the Alpha Essentials line, please contact your local Alpha Wire representative.

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