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The part numbers of Alpha Wire consist of three parts:

  • Item Number
  • Color
  • Put-up

  • All three of these parts must be present to fully articulate an Alpha product. Examples of full part numbers are:

  • 3080 Black 1000 Ft.
  • 3080-2 1000 Ft.
  • 3080 BK001

  • Please note that to search our site, use only the Item Number. For further information and guides on how Alpha Wire part numbers work, please go here.

    Under the current OSHA Hazard Communication law, a Safety Data Sheet is not required for Alpha Wire products. You can view the full notice here.

    You can access all of Alpha Wire's technical content including brochures, catalogs and more from the Knowledge Center.

    You can search for Alpha Wire product equivalents in our cross-reference chart.

    Speak with your sales representative or call 1-800-52-ALPHA if you have questions about a part you cannot find.

    Access our Distributor Stock Search page to see what Alpha Wire's distributors are stocking. Find a list of our authorized distributors here.

    To find pricing and availability, first make sure you are logged into your DISTe account. Please note, only distributors will be able to access pricing and availability from our DISTe portal. If you are not a distributor, please refer to our Distributor Stock or Distributor Listing pages for further information.

    After you have logged in, navigate to the product you wish to view pricing and availability for. You can do this by utilizing our Part Number Search at the top of our site or navigating through our Product Category pages.

    Once you have found the product, click on View Pricing. A dropdown will then open with pricing and availability for that particular product.

    If you have any other DISTe-related questions, please email us at

    Our most recent EICC and survey for our customers is available for download from our website.

    RoHS and REACH compliance for all of our part numbers is available on our website. Please locate this information here.

    You can check our Product Changes page to see if a product has become obsolete. Each End-of-Life or Product Change Letter will include a PDF attachment that lists all products affected.