Motors Drives

Reliable motors and drives require the right cable. The demands placed on the cables in precisely controlling a motor’s speed and torque can stress the cable, resulting in improper motor control or complete system failure.  Alpha Wire offers a wide portfolio of cables for motor and drive applications. Our line ranges from flexible motor supply cables for less demanding applications to VFD cables that meet the most stringent performance requirements.

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Series V and V-Flex VFD Cable
Engineered with XLPE insulation and a symmetrical geometry for excellent electrical properties.  Choose Series V's PVC jacket or V-Flex's TPE jacket for extra flexibility and additional resistance to oils and solvents.

Flexible Motor Supply Cable
Double-shielded cable for light-duty flexing and featuring a smaller diameter and easier routing of connections in motor, drive, wind turbine, and light-duty VFD applications.    

Series SF Flexible Servo Cable
Designed for servo systems and suited to light-duty flex applications.  Series SF cables are available with or without control pairs.