Alpha Wire supports military equipment with tough, reliable, high-performance wire, cable, and tubing. Since equipment must work reliably under extremes including temperature, shock and vibration, and exposure to oils, fuels, and other chemicals, mission readiness requires electrical and electronic systems matched to the hazards of the battlefield and the needs of modern military capabilities. 


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Supported Applications:

  • Tactical communications equipment
  • Command and control systems
  • Intelligence information systems
  • Advanced radar units
  • Target acquisition and tracking systems
  • Automated weapons control
  • IED and mine detection
  • High-level detection equipment
  • Ground combat vehicles
  • Ground support vehicles
  • Unmanned vehicles

Alpha Products Designed for Military Applications:

  • Xtra-Guard® 1 Performance Cable has a specially formulated PVC jacket that prevents heat build-up for unstoppable reliability in a communication and control cable.
  • Xtra-Guard® 2 Performance Cable has a unique polyurethane jacket for superior oil and abrasion resistance in mechanical applications. Performance Cable has a unique polyurethane jacket for superior oil and abrasion resistance in mechanical applications.
  • Xtra-Guard® 4 Performance Cable is a multi-functional product featuring a TPE jacket for advanced chemical performance and a wide temperature range, making it perfect for rugged, high-speed applications.
  • Xtra-Guard® 5 Performance Cable offers a FEP insulation and jacket for outstanding temperature durability and resists all oils, solvents, and fuels. Xtra-Guard 5 is designed to withstand the most hazardous of environments.
  • Hook-Up Wire for any military equipment need, with a choice of solid or stranded conductors, a wide array of insulation options, and a host of MIL-spec configurations.
  • FIT® Heat-Shrink Tubing offers a unique way of adding durability and reliability to any application or environment without sacrificing flexibility.
  • FIT® Wire Management covers a broad spectrum of application solutions from wire protection to organization. The variety of materials allows for added defense against abrasion, chemicals, temperature, grounding, and EMI.