Xtra-Guard EMI Shielding Chart

Tame Hostile EMI Environments
Alpha Wire offers Xtra-Guard® cables in three shielding options to handle any electrical environment:

Unshielded cables provide the smallest cable diameter for use in low-noise controlled environments.

Foil Shield
Foil shield cables use a sturdy aluminum/polyester shield for moderate EMI needs, especially at higher frequencies. A tinned copper drain wire makes grounding the cable easy. Foil shields allow lighter weights and smaller cables.

Alpha’s premium Supra-Shield cables combine a triple-layer aluminum/polyester/aluminum foil with a tinned copper braid shield with tight 70% coverage. Supra-Shield offers exceptional EMI performance and flexibility to protect against noise and maintain overall system integrity. The combination of foil and braid offers better shielding effectiveness than either approach alone against both low- and high-frequency noise.



Supra-Shield Diagram


Supra-Shield® for Xtra-Guard® Flex (below)
Our high-flex shielding options include a double-jacket configuration with 85% braid coverage to achieve high shielding effectiveness while maintaining the desired flexibility. For torsional flex applications, we offer spiral wound shielding with 90% coverage.

Supra-Shield for Xtra-Guard Flex