Dearborn™ Marine

The premier choice for marine applications

Complete line for every marine application 
Alpha Wire covers the full spectrum of marine applications. From wiring of engines, batteries, and bilge pumps to cables for communications, instrumentation, and electronics, you will find the exact wire or cable you need. Cables are color-coded to meet boating-industry standards.

Applications from bilge to shore:

  • Engine wiring
  • Battery wire
  • Speaker cable
  • Bonding cable
  • Telephone cable
  • Coaxial communications cable
  • Communications and control
  • RFI shielded cable
  • Duplex shielded cable
  • Bilge pump cable
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Trailer cable

Marine ready
Our cables meet various specifications to ensure regulatory compliance and seaworthiness.

  • UL Standard 1426: Electrical Cable for Boats
  • SAE J378: Marine Propulsion Systems Wiring
  • SAE J1127: Low-Voltage Battery Cables
  • SAE J1128: Low-Voltage Primary Cables
  • ABYC E-11-2008: Standard for AC and DC Electrical Systems on Boats
  • ABYC E-10-2006: Storage Batteries
  • USCG: Title 33, CFR 183 Subpart I, Section 183

Dearborn Marine Brochure


Types of Dearborn™ Marine
  • Marine Wire

    High grade marine wire for the full spectrum of marine applications, including wiring of engines, batteries, and bilge pumps.

  • Marine Cable

    A complete line of multi-conductor cables, designed specifically for marine environments. Ideally suited for applications, such as: communications, instrumentation, and electronics.