Part # Type  Shielding  Voltage  AWG  # of Elements  Jacket Diameter  Applicable Specifications 
35440/5 Conductor  FOIL  600  16  0.466  CA Prop 65, CSA TEW 
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 Diameters (In)
1) Component 1 5 X 1 COND 
a) Conductor 16 (19/.0117) AWG Tinned Copper 0.059
b) Insulation 0.032" Wall, Nom. PVC 0.123
(1) Color Code Alpha Wire Color Code E
Cond Color Cond Color Cond Color
2) Cable Assembly 5 Components Cabled 
a) Twists: 2.4 Twists/foot (min) 
b) Orientation: Components to be arranged from INSIDE LAYER to OUTSIDE LAYER 
c) Core Wrap Clear Mylar Tape, 25% Overlap, Min. 
3) Shield: Alum/Mylar Tape, 25% Overlap, Min. 
a) Foil Direction Foil Facing In 
b) Drain Wire 16 (19/.0117) AWG Tinned Copper 
4) Jacket 0.063" Wall, Nom.,Polyethylene (PE)0.466 (0.488 Max.)
a) Color(s) Slate, Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Sand Beige, White
b) Ripcord 1 End 810 Denier Nylon 
c) Print ALPHA WIRE-* P/N 35440/5 5C 16 AWG
* = Factory Code
1) UL   
a) Component 1 AWM/STYLE 1015 105°C / 600 VRMS
2) CE:EU Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EC
1) CE: EU Directive 2011/65/EU(RoHS2), EU Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS3):
 This product complies with European Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS Directive) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2011 and the amending Directive 2015/863/EU of 4 June 2015 . No Exemptions are required for RoHS Compliance on this item.
2) REACH Regulation (EC 1907/2006):
 This product does not contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) listed on the European Union's REACH candidate list in excess of 0.1% mass of the item.
3) California Proposition 65:Exempt from warning labels based on the Consent Judgment. Please see Alpha's CA Prop 65 Statement for more information.
Physical & Mechanical Properties
1) Temperature Range-30 to 80°C
2) Bend Radius 10X Cable Diameter
3) Pull Tension 123 Lbs, Maximum
4) Sunlight Resistance Yes
5) Direct Burial Yes
Electrical Properties(For Engineering purposes only)
1) Voltage Rating 600 VRMS
2) Capacitance 36 pF/ft @1 kHz, Nominal Conductor to Conductor
3) Ground Capacitance65 pF/ft @1 kHz, Nominal
4) Inductance0.2 µH/ft, Nominal
5) Conductor DCR4.4 Ω/1000ft @20°C, Nominal
6) OA Shield DCR3.8 Ω/1000ft @20°C, Nominal
PackagingFlange x Traverse x Barrel (inches)
a) Bulk(Made-to-order) 

Xtra-Guard® 3 - Direct burial—no conduit needed Ultraviolet LightOil, Chemicals, Solvents, FuelsDirect BurialEMI Noise

  • The preferred outdoor cable for direct burial
  • 6 times the water resistance of PVC
  • Features a specially formulated polyethylene jacket for outstanding service life and ultraviolet light stability in all jacket colors
  • Resistant to the effects of weathering, moisture, and UV aging without the costly use of conduit
  • Supra-Shield® provides exceptional protection against conducted or electrical noise in high- and low- frequency environments where EMI interference is pervasive

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