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Your Cable Your Way: A Guide to Custom Cable Design

Ecowire: Fully Recyclable Hook-up Wire

Flex Cable: An Applications Guide

Flexing Cable for Wind Power Applications

Heat-Shrink Tubing: The Versatile Tools for Maintenance and Repair

Ethernet Cable for Industrial Environments

Determining Suitability of AWM-Recognized Cables for NFPA 79 Application Use

Picking the Right VFD Cable

Selecting Wire and Cable for Solar Applications

Specifying High-Performance Cable: The Devil is in the Details

Understanding Shielded Cable

  • Selecting the Right Motor Supply Cable

    Selecting any cable involves getting the right performance without overspecifying—and overpaying—for what you don’t need. For powering motors, the choice ranges from PVC/nylon-insulated wires in a conduit to precision VFD cables. The most obvious requirement is a cable that meets the power-handling requirements of the motor over the distances between drive and motor.

    By Alpha Wire
  • Shortcuts on Solar Installations Lead to Quality Crisis in the Industry

    The rapid influx of solar installations combined with the falling prices on panels and components have sent installers scrambling for cheaper alternatives that many times can sacrifice the quality of the end product. While it may seem trivial, there can be serious consequences to swapping out a solar-rated cable for a cheaper alternative.

    By Kaitlin Janne - Corporate Marketing Specialist