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Tough PVC Cable for Continuous Flex Control Applications

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 by Kimberly Versaw

Ever wonder how commercially sold muffins or boxed chocolates get placed so neatly into the packaging?  It’s the sophisticated pick-and-place machinery within the assembly line. These machines speed up the process in the production line with consistency and accuracy that may be difficult for humans.  The pick-and-place robot systems offer long-term savings for customers, and within those systems, a durable cable system must be put in place in order to maintain the lifetime of the robotic system.

Series XM Flexible Control Cable from Alpha Wire is the ideal choice for medium-to-high-flex industrial applications.  The premium grade PVC jacket offers a durable, oil-resistant construction that prevents contamination from hazardous fluids and protects against abrasion.   This cable’s flexibility and performance support a variety of applications including: high-speed pick-and-place robotic systems, automated material handling equipment, conveyors and transfer shuttles, and flex track installations.

Series XM cable meets the NFPA Standard 79 for industrial machinery and has a flex life cycle rating of up to 12 million cycles.  This cable comes shielded or unshielded for EMI protection and constructions up to 65 conductors with gauge sizes from 8 to 18.  Need a sample for your latest project? You can order a free sample today!


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