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Posted on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 by Kimberly Versaw

Automation protocols are relevant when it comes to data and bus cable applications.  Automation protocols are communication network conventions used for processes such as industrial automation, building automation, substation automation, automatic meter reading, and vehicle automation applications.  Our Alpha Essentials line of data and bus cables include the following protocols:  ControlNet™, RS-485, DeviceNet™, FieldBus and Profibus™, and industrial twinax cables.

Let’s go over what these protocols mean!

ControlNet™:  An industrial automation protocol that is highly scheduled and deterministic, operates at 5 Mb/s, and uses the same CIP application layer protocol as DeviceNet and EtherNET/IP. Trademark of ODVA

DeviceNet™: An industrial automation protocol operating in either a master/slave or distributed fashion to connect controllers to sensors. Trademark of ODVA.

Fieldbus: (1) A generic term for communication protocols used in industrial networks for instrumentation and control. (2) A specific set of protocols that includes Foundation Fieldbus and HSE (High-Speed Ethernet).

Profibus™:  An industrial automation fieldbus protocol

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