Xtra-Guard 1 (HP) Cable

The Swiss-Army Knife of Cables: Xtra-Guard 1

Posted on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 by Hillary Riden

Like a Swiss army knife, our Xtra-Guard 1 high performance line of cables can do a little bit of everything.  Originally launched in 1980 as "Cables Engineered for Safety" part of our communication and control family, this line has been the first choice of engineers for over three decades.  Xtra-Guard 1 has a premium PVC insulation and jacket material that makes it hazard matched for a variety of applications and demanding conditions.

Xtra-Guard’s versatile set of tools include:

  • Breadth of constructions (500+ standard)
  • High availability of stock with low minimum order quantity (100 ft)
  • Fast and easy stripping of insulation and jacket to reduce installation time and cost
  • Premium grade PVC insulation and jacket provides for easy routing of cables in tight spaces
  • Light-duty resistance to most oils per UL Class 43
  • Resistance to ambient temperatures up to 105°C
  • Very good UV light resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Superior performance against EMI / RFI when specified with Supra-Shield®

With all of these tools, Xtra-Guard 1 is the “jack-of-all-trades” when it comes to general purpose applications like high tech manufacturing, medical devices, and semiconductor capital equipment.  Its excellent UV light resistance also makes Xtra-Guard 1 suitable for applications like mining, pharmaceutical, water/waste water, tank farm controls, flow/valve controls, heavy equipment, and military. Click here to request a sample of Xtra-Guard 1 high performance cable or check out the catalog to peruse our offering. 


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