Xtra-Guard 3 (DB) Cable

Cable Underground

Posted on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 by Kristen Elwell

While often considered to be more expensive, burying cables in the ground has significant advantages over running aerial cables.  Cables that are buried in the ground are safe from storms and extreme temperatures.  Therefore, they have lower maintenance costs.  This is all assuming that the correct cable is chosen for the application. 


When considering a cable for a direct burial application, you need to contemplate not only the weight of the soil that the cable will need to support, but the underground environment.  The moisture is the ground could also cause considerable damage to a cable not designed to handle wet environments.


With a water and moisture resistant polyethylene jacket, our Xtra-Guard 3 cable is perfect for burial applications, no expensive conduit needed.  Additionally, with its UV resistance, the cable can run above ground and underground.  Available in both standard pair and conductor constructions with three different shielding options, we guarantee to offer a product that would work for your direct burial applications. 


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