Helpful Product Ordering Tools from Alpha Wire

Posted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 by Kimberly Versaw

Ever been on a supplier’s website and have not found the technical resources you require?  Have no fear, Alpha Wire can provide you with up-to-date technical resources and services for your wire and cable needs.  Here are a couple of resources to keep in mind when spec’ing-in our product for a new design:

  • FIT® Sizing Guide:  You can search for the perfect heat-shrink tubing product for your cable by simply entering your cable overall diameter or by Alpha Wire part number.  Let your overall cable diameter guide you to the perfect FIT heat-shrinkable tubing product.
  • Part number and Color codes charts:  At Alpha Wire, we want to make sure our customers understand our wire and cable specifications.  The part number and color code charts help users understand how similar part numbers can be differentiated based on color and put-up length.  Reference guides are available for part number ordering, color codes, and put-up varieties. 
  • Distributor Stock Check:  Want to know where you can buy your wire or cable product?  Our “What Distributors are Stocking” tool alleviates you from having to find out from distributor websites if they have inventory available for your needs.  Just simply enter your region and part number and see the inventory results.

Keep an eye out for some more great references that offers!


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