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Lagging Solar Energy Makes Every Component Critical: Part 2

Posted on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 by Alpha Wire

Many cable types exist and choosing the right cable is not always easy.  Companies, such as Alpha Wire, offer many choices and tools to help users choose the right product.  Cables designed for solar cell systems, such as photovoltaic wires, are one of the many products available.  The photovoltaic wires are double insulated for maximum durability and conform to UL standards.  Additional features include 1000-V ratings, PVC jackets, tinned copper braid shields, sunlight/ozone/UV resistant, can be directly buried, resistant to oil and moisture, and features a 10X bend radius.

Series M and Series P cables are available for both stationary applications and those that require minimum or moderate flexing.  They feature a jacket that’s abrasion and sunlight resistant.  Series M cables (PVC jacket) offer oil and chemical resistance, while series P contains a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket, which will allow for easier installation.

Multiconductor solar cables can be purchased, which have been designed specifically for solar inverters.  To manage any cable/wire messes that may be present, wire management products are also available such as slit loom tubing.  Liquid tight flexible PVC tubing is available to resist flexing and vibrations along with FIT heat shrink tubing further protect wires and cables. 


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