Xtra-Guard 4 (ADV) Cable

Don't Let the Cold Weather Bring Your Cables Down

Posted on Thursday, January 16, 2014 by

Have you ever tried to do something with your bare hands outside in the freezing cold? Your joints lock up and every motion is an extra effort to complete. Now think of the same feeling with the cable in your equipment. When the temperatures plummet during the cold Winter months, the flexibility your cable once had is long gone. While efforts to bury a cable to avoid such extremes are possible, the mobility of the cable is greatly limited.

Materials that are not made to withstand such temperatures become brittle, and can crack and break with the slightest touch or movement. Just like that, your cable components will never be the same again. Any easy way to avoid this risk is with thorough insulation and jacketing. For example, Alpha Wire's Xtra-Guard® 4 Cable is designed specifically for those extreme temperature fluctuations, capable of handling hot, cold, and even spills.

The high performance TPE insulation and jacketing offers 3 times the low-temperature flexibility of ordinary PVC, and is able to withstand a temperature range of -50C to +125C. Add an additional Supra-Shield foil-braid to the cable and you have exceptional protection against EMI interference.

When the wind gets blowing and you can't feel your fingers, have a heart for your cable and bundle it up too!


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