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Xtra-Guard Flex Family
Alpha Wire Expands its Xtra-Guard Flex Product Family by Adding New Gauge Sizes

Product series that meet the needs of both continuous-flex and light/moderate flex applications

Elizabeth, NJ, March 28, 2018 – Alpha Wire is proud to announce the latest expansion of its Xtra-Guard product family by adding new gauge sizes to its 6500, 8500, and 8600 flex series. The expansion includes the following:

  • 6500 series - Standard 600V light to moderate flex cable - originally 2-20 AWG; adding 22-26 AWG
  • 8500 series - High 600V high flex, continuous flex cable - originally 2-20 AWG; adding 22-26 AWG
  • 8600 series - Alpha’s 300V moderate flex data cable - originally 22-28 AWG; adding 16-20 AWG. Expansion includes conductors & pairs.
    • PLTC rated for AWGS 16-22, and now carries UL 60C Oil, UL SUN RES, and UL AWM 21894

Xtra-Guard Flex cables are the perfect solution for applications requiring flexibility and durability. They have outstanding oil, solvent, chemical & fuel resistance. Xtra-Guard Flex cables are ideal for industries such as robotics, C-track and conveyor systems, medical devices and much more. Try our samples today!

To learn more about the Xtra-Guard product family, please be sure to contact your local Alpha Wire representative. Want to try any of the new flex cables in your current application? Visit for more information and to request FREE samples today!

ABOUT ALPHA WIRE: For over 95 years, Alpha Wire has designed and manufactured industry-leading wire, cable, and tubing products for factory automation, packaging, automotive, alternative energy, medical, semiconductor fabrication and other technically advanced applications. Beyond giving our customers the cables they trust for quality and reliable high performance, we give them the committed service they deserve. We help customers find the best possible solutions to production and manufacturing challenges with small put-ups, custom cable development, logistical excellence, and broad inventory for dependable, same-day shipment.

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