Teil Nr. Material  ID  Wall Thickness  Temperature  Colors  Ratings 
PVC-105-10 PVC  0.106  0.016  -20 to 105  Black, Clear  C, Form U, Grade C, MIL-I-631D, Subform Ua, Type F, UL 198, UL 224 
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1) Tubing Type Tubing Non Shrinkable
2) Tubing Material PVC
3) Minimum ID(In) 0.102
4) Maximum ID(In) 0.112
5) Nominal Wall Thickness(In) 0.016
6) Color(s) BLACK, CLEAR
1) UL Standard 224 
2) CSA International Standard 198 
3) Military MIL-I-631D, Type F, Form U, Subform Ua, Grade C 
4) Other ASTM D 922 
1) EU Directive 2011/65/EU(RoHS2):
 All materials used in the manufacture of this part are in compliance with European Directive 2011/65/EU regarding the restriction of use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Consult Alpha Wire's web site for RoHS C of C.
2) REACH Regulation (EC 1907/2006):
 This product does not contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) listed on the European Union's REACH candidate list in excess of 0.1% mass of the item. For up-to-date information, please see Alpha's REACH SVHC Declaration.
3) California Proposition 65:The outer surface materials used in the manufacture of this part meet the requirements of California Proposition 65.
Physical & Mechanical Properties
1) Temperature Range -20 to 105°C 
2) Tensile Strength 2780psi, Min ASTM D638
3) Elongation 260%, Min ASTM D638
4) Specific Gravity 1.35, Max ASTM D792
Electrical Properties
1) Dielectric Strength 870 V/mil, Min ASTM D876
2) Volume Resistivity 2x10 14 ohm-cm, Min ASTM D876
Chemical Properties
1) Corrosion(0°C,16hrs) no corrosion AMS-DTL-23053
2) Fungus Resistance Pass AMS-DTL-23053
3) Halogen Free No 
4) Lead Free Yes 
500 FT
1) Size #24 through Size #1: UL rated for 300V
2) Size 5/16 through Size 2": UL rated for 600V

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