Part # Material  ID  Expanded ID  Temperature  Colors  Ratings 
SW13 PE  0.376  0.5  -20 to 80  White  A-A-59602 Type 1 Class 3, RoHS, UL 1441, UL UZKX2 
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Product  Spiral Wrap Tubing  
Material Polyethylene  
Color White  
Flamability Flame Retardant
Outside Diameter 0.500" +/- 0.025"
Inside Diameter 0.376", Nominal
Wall Thickness 0.062", Nominal
Pitch 0.563",Nominal
Pitch Direction Right Hand
DSSC CID  A-A59602, Type 1, Class3
1) EU Directive 2002/95/EC(RoHS):
All materials used in the manufacture of this part are in compliance with EU Directive 2002/95/EU regarding the restriction of use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Consult Alpha Wire's web site for compliance Date of Manufacture.
2) REACH Regulation (EC 1907/2006):
This product does not contain any of the substances listed on the 2010 European Union's REACH Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) candidate list in excess of 0.1% mass of the item.
Temperature Rating  -20 to +80C   
Tensile Strength 1300 PSI
a) 100 FT
b) 25 FT

Packages may contain a Maximum of 3 lengths, 10 ft Minimum Length

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