Flexible Cable Testing

Flexing Industrial Automation Tray

Continuous flexing of cable common in industrial applications severely tests a cable’s durability. Continuous-flexing along a linear axis—such as found with the linear motion in a Cartesian robot—requires a cable designed to withstand the flexing.

Continuous-Flex Linear Motion Performance Test
In the absence of a industry-standard test equipment, Alpha Wire designed our own machine to rigorously test cables under accelerated conditions of continuous-flex linear motion.

Capable of providing accelerated cable track motion for a protracted period of time at a fixed at 17 cycles/minute, or 1,836,000 cycles/month, the machine has four tracks into which cable is installed. Two tracks use a 4.5-inch radius while the remaining two have a 6-inch radius.

Under test, the conductors within each cable are electrically interconnected to each other, in series, and to a counter that registers a single count for each completed cable flex cycle. Flexing continues until one of the conductors fails by breaking. This failure stops the counter.

While there is no way, at this time, to relate test performance to real-world cable life, the test cycle is felt to be significantly more severe than most real-worlds C-track installations seen today.